Friday, 3 July 2015

Introducing The Bell & Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon, A Unique Piece For Only Watch 2015

Only Watch releases continue apace with the Bell & Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon, featuring a bronze case with a solid gold, hand-engraved skull at its centre.

For the first time Bell & Ross has used bronze for the case of its signature BR 01, an aviation inspired square wristwatch. With the patina that bronze quickly acquires, the case is a perfect fit for the pirate theme of the Bell & Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon, a one of a kind timepiece made for Only Watch 2015.

The MB&F HM6 "Space Pirate" Enters Its Second Generation, Now In 5N+ Red Gold And Titanium (With Price)

MB&F has just revealed the HM6 RT, a variant of its sixth Horological Machine made of titanium and a special, fade-resistant red gold alloy, limited to just 18 pieces.

First introduced in titanium, the MB&F HM6 is now available in a more precious alloy, red gold. But not just any red gold, the HM6 RT case is 18k 5N+ red gold, an alloy with extra palladium mixed in to ensure the metal keeps its red hue permanently (ordinary red gold, sans "+", tends to fade over time), making it similar to the Rolex Everose and Omega Sedna gold alloys.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Piaget Announces The Unique Altiplano 900P Ultra-Thin For Only Watch 2015

The thinnest mechanical watch in the world, the Piaget Altiplano 900P is given a pair of red hands to create the unique edition for Only Watch 2015.

Introduced two years ago, the Altiplano 900P is the thinnest wristwatch on the market, standing just 3.65mm high, case and all. For Only Watch 2015, Piaget has added a dash of colour to the Altiplano 900P with the hour and minute hands in bright red.

Introducing The Analog Watch Co. Mason Wristwatch, With A Dial And Case Of Marble

A Kickstarter project by Analog Watch Co., the Mason Watch has a case and dial made of marble, available in two shapes and fitted to a Zulu-style leather strap.

Philadelphia-based Analog Watch Co. offers affordable timepieces made of unusual materials, including woods like teak and bamboo. Its latest project is the Mason Watch, an affordable wristwatch with a marble case and dial. Similar in many respects to the Tissot Rock Watch of the 1980s, which was made from Swiss-sourced rocks and minerals, the Mason Watch is available with a round or hexagonal case.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Introducing The Speake-Marin Resilience One Art, A Unique Piece For Only Watch 2015

Speake-Marin's signature Piccadilly case gets an subtle makeover resulting in the unique piece for Only Watch, the Resilience One Art featuring a hand-engraved, red gold case.

The Resilience One Art harks back to the original series of Speake-Marin Piccadilly watches. The form of the 38mm case with its large, screwed lugs, thin bezel is immediately distinctive. 

Like the other watches in the Resilience series, the dial is fired enamel dial (the material never ages, hence the name), paired with blued steel hands. A subtle engraving can be found on the wide flanks of the case, distinguishing it from the regular production model.

Three Reasons The Tudor Fastrider Chrono Is Worth A Look

Introduced earlier this year at Baselworld 2015, the Tudor Fastrider Chrono is another entrant into a crowded segment, the mid-range sports chronograph. The formula is generic, but as the cliche goes, the devil is in the details.

Born of Tudor's partnership with Ducati, the Fastrider Chrono is a large, sporty chronograph available in similarly sporty colours. There are plenty of other watches on the market that have been conceived along these lines. What distinguishes the Fastrider is its case (in particularly the case) and dial construction, which are both very good for this price range.

Hands-On With The Louis Vuitton Escale World Time Singapore Edition SG50

Just nine pieces of the Louis Vuitton Escale World Time were made with "SIN" on the cities disc to mark Singapore's 50th anniversary. Here's a look at one of them.

Equipped with a cleverly designed world time mechanism that can be set forwards and back via the crown, the Louis Vuitton Escale World Time is uncomplicated to operate. In contrast with the simplicity of the movement the dial is a riot of colour. It's instantly recognisable and easy to like. 

For the 50th anniversary of Singapore - known as SG50 - Louis Vuitton created a variant of Escale World Time with the time zone of GMT+8 indicated by "SIN", an abbreviation of the country name and also the airport code for Singapore's Changi airport.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

F.P. Journe Reveals The Unique Tourbillon Souverain Bleu In Tantalum For Only Watch 2015

Tantalum is the case metal of choice in the Tourbillon Souverain Bleu, featuring a reflective blue dial, resulting in an notably unique edition by F.P. Journe for Only Watch 2015.

F.P. Journe turned to the most basic of his timepieces, the Chronometre Bleu, for inspiration for the unique tourbillon created for Only Watch 2015. The Tourbillon Souverain Bleu has a tantalum case and a vivid blue mirror-finished dial, just like the Chronometre Bleu, which is the beloved timepiece that's the most affordable in the F.P. Journe collection. Despite the entry-level inspiration, the result is stunning. 

Introducing The Patek Philippe Ref. 5016A-010 Grand Complication In Steel For Only Watch 2015

Patek Philippe has put together an extraordinarily desirable combination for Only Watch 2015: the discontinued Grand Complication Ref. 5016A in steel, fitted with a deep blue enamel dial.

One of the most impressive and subtly beautiful grand complication wristwatches Patek Philippe has ever produced (photographic proof here), the Ref. 5016 was in production from 1993 to 2011. But for Only Watch 2015 the Geneva watchmaker has resurrected the reference as the Ref. 5016A-010, with a case in that fabulously collectible alloy steel, and thrown in a blue enamel dial with white gold appliqué Breguet numerals for good measure.

Tudor Unveils One Of A Kind Heritage Black Bay One For Only Watch 2015

For the first time in its history, Tudor has created a unique reference, the Heritage Black Bay One for Only Watch 2015 modelled on the Submariner ref. 7923 of 1954, featuring a gilt dial and pencil hands. 

Tudor has never made limited or unique editions, at least none that are publicly known. So the Heritage Black Bay One is a distinct departure from the norm. A one of a kind timepiece made for charity auction Only Watch, the Heritage Black Bay One is modelled on the regular production Black Bay, with a special dial and bezel inspired by the reference 7923 dive watch of 1954. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Introducing The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra-Thin The Hour Glass Edition In Yellow Gold (With Specs & Price)

For the very first time Audemars Piguet is making the Royal Oak Extra-Thin 15202 available in gorgeous yellow gold with a 50-piece limited edition for Singapore retailer The Hour Glass.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra-Thin The Hour Glass Edition is the first and only Royal Oak "Jumbo" ref. 15202 produced in 18 ct. yellow gold - arguably the most classic metal for the Royal Oak aside from steel. To go with the yellow gold case and bracelet, the dial is a dark green, with the hands, hour markers and applied AP logo also in yellow gold. And most notably, the hexagonal nuts on the bezel are also yellow gold, instead of the conventional white gold.

Rolex Extends International Warranty To Five Years From July 2015

On July 1, 2015 the international warranty that accompanies every Rolex watch will be valid for five years, up from the current two years. And with the newly installed warranty card swipe system, the Rolex warranty can no longer be gamed.

All Rolex watches sold starting July 1, 2015 will have a five year international warranty, giving Rolex one of the longest warranty periods in the industry. Watches sold within the last two years also get a boost. Those sold from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015, will enjoy a warranty extension of a year for a three year warranty.

EXCLUSIVE: Patek Philippe To Increase Retail Prices In Hong Kong And Singapore Come July 1

In a surprise (or not) move, Patek Philippe will increase the retail prices of its timepieces in Hong Kong and Singapore on July 1, 2015, reversing the price reductions it implemented in February.

In a move that caused equal amounts of hand-wringing and glee, Patek Philippe cut its retail prices around the world in February 2015 after the Swiss franc surprise. Prices were reduced by between 3% and 7% in various markets, though weak local currency in Europe and Japan meant the prices there rose. The rationale was to ensure geographical parity in prices around the world. 

On July 1 that will go into reverse, with retail prices in Hong Kong and Singapore rising. Other markets may also see similar price adjustments.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Introducing The Patek Philippe 175th Anniversary London 2015 Limited Editions (With Pricing)

Continuing its 175th anniversary celebrations, Patek Philippe recently unveiled a collection of limited edition timepieces for its boutique in London, ranging from officer's case wristwatches to one of a kind, enamelled Dome Clocks.

Patek Philippe's 175th anniversary year started in October 2014 with the introduction of the main anniversary collection of watches that included the SFr2.5 million Grandmaster Chime. In addition to that anniversary collection, Patek Philippe is also introducing smaller runs of limited editions, like the London 2015 collection made specially for the London salon, only one of three stores globally that Patek Philippe itself owns (the rest are joint ventures with local retailers). 

Panerai Introduces The Paneristi 15th Anniversary Luminor PAM634 (With Specs & Pricing)

Panerai has announced a 500-piece limited edition Luminor Base Logo for the 15th anniversary of Paneristi, the brand's enthusiast community website. 

Paneristi is the Panerai enthusiast website, one that has created a community, in the truest sense of the word, dedicated to Panerai. For the 15th anniversary of the site, which was founded in 2000 by Guy Verbist, Panerai has created a limited edition Luminor Base Logo (PAM00634) with a blue OP at six o'clock.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Seiko Marinemaster "Tuna" Diver Survives Pacific Ocean Plunge - To Depth Of 4299 Metres

In late 2014 Seiko together with Japanese marine research agency JAMSTEC conducted an extraordinary real world test of its Marinemaster dive watches, strapping them to a deep sea submersible that plunged into the depths of the Pacific.

A Seiko Marinemaster at 4.3km or 2.67 miles down the Pacific Ocean. © JAMSTEC

On September 6, 2014, the Kairei, a research vessel of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), sailed out onto the Pacific Ocean off the Northeast coast of Japan, carrying on board four Seiko Marinemaster "Tuna" dive watches. Its goal was to perform a real world test of the watches' water-resistance capabilities by plunging them into the depths of the Pacific. 

Presenting A Series Of Talks On Watch Collecting By SJX, Hosted By Prudential Singapore

Prudential Singapore is organising a series of talks on collectibles as part of its "Life Matters" campaign, including several watch session by yours truly.

I will be giving a series of talks on why and what people collect in watchmaking for the clients of insurer Prudential Singapore on Saturday, July 4. Prudential has generously opened two sessions are open to the public, with registration open at

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Richard Mille Introduces The RM 056 and RM 011 Felipe Massa 10th Anniversary Limited Editions

Richard Mille has unveiled two limited editions to mark a decade of its partnership with Brazilian Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa, who was the first ever brand ambassador for Richard Mille.

Felipe Massa, who now drives for Williams, was Richard Mille's first brand ambassador, becoming the prototype for the partnerships with sports personalities that have come to define Richard Mille. The importance of the relationship is underscored by the fact that several key Richard Mille timepieces have been named after Massa, including the RM 009 Alusic and the RM 011.

The Richard Mille Felipe Massa 10th Anniversary collection comprises two watches, the RM 056 tourbillon-chronograph in a clear sapphire case, and the RM 011 NTPT Carbon chronograph. Both feature Massa's signature on the sapphire case back, as well as his emblem on the dial at one o'clock.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Introducing The Roger Dubuis Hommage Millésime, a One of a Kind Grand Complication Pocket Watch

Equipped with a rejuvenated 19th century grande complication movement blank, the Roger Dubuis Hommage Millésime is a unique pocket watch that will be the first in an annual series of one of a kind grand complications.

A pocket watch featuring a minute repeater, chronograph and the brand's trademark bi-retrograde perpetual calendar, the Hommage Millésime is a return to its roots for Roger Dubuis. Some will remember that when Roger Dubuis first started his own brand, several of the early wristwatches had restored vintage movements inside. Equipped with an antique grande complication movement blank that has been completed and finished only recently, the Hommage Millésime is the first of an annual series of a unique timepieces each powered by a restored vintage movement.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Introducing The Ressence Type 1 V Genesis, Raw And Unfinished (With Specs & Price)

A limited edition to celebrate the brand's fifth birthday, the Ressence Type 1 V Genesis is natural and untreated, with the dial and case left just as they come out of the milling machine.

Ressence marks its fifth year with a purified version of its Type 1, the timepiece that established the signature look of the brand - an satellite time display and no crown. The Type 1 V Genesis has a titanium case that is machined on a multi-axis milling machine, and left as is. This leaves its surface marked by the subtle signs of machining, giving it the look of a prototype.

Introducing The Chanel Boy.Friend Watch

Chanel's latest timepiece, the Boy.Friend, is a large octagonal wristwatch, conceived as a ladies' timepiece with a masculine feel.

Leaving aside the curious punctation, the Chanel Boy.Friend watch is easy to understand. It's large for a ladies' watch, with an elongated octagonal case modelled on the Premiere wristwatch, itself based on the shape of the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle cap.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Introducing The Hermes "In The Pocket", A Convertible Pocket Watch With An Alligator Wrist Strap (With Pricing)

With the H1837 movement inside a rose gold watch case, the Hermes "In The Pocket" is an elegant pocket watch that can be converted into a wristwatch with an alligator wrist strap.

Modelled on a porte oignon, or leather pocket watch holder, Jacqueline Hermès received from her father in 1912, the Hermes In The Pocket is a pocket watch that can be converted to a wristwatch. It first introduced a century after Ms Hermès received her gift, in 2012 as a limited edition with a palladium case together a Barenia calfskin holder. This year the pocket watch returns with a rose gold case and an alligator hide wrist strap.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hands-On With The Urwerk UR-210S Full Metal Jacket (With Original Photos & Price)

Urwerk's top of the line satellite cube complication, the UR-210, has been upgraded with a matching bracelet, nicknamed the "Full Metal Jacket". 

Launched three years ago, the UR-210 replaced the UR-202 and UR-203 as flagship complication by Urwerk. Now for the first time it's offered with a hefty bracelet as the UR-210S Full Metal Jacket, an interrupted assembly of finely finished steel.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Up Close With The Million Dollar Parmigiani Tecnica “Les Carpes De Sandoz”

An old school grand complication that's hand engraved and enamelled inside and out, the Parmigiani Tecnica “Les Carpes De Sandoz” rolls up many of the artisanal crafts in watchmaking, all for a cool million dollars.

Equipped with a chronograph, perpetual calendar and minute repeater, the Parmigiani Tecnica “Les Carpes De Sandoz” is decorated with a carp motif, executed in enamel and engraving. This elaborate creation is a tribute to Edouard-Marcel Sandoz, founder of the Sandoz Family Foundation, the non-profit that owns Parmigiani.

Introducing The Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 London Edition In British Racing Green (With Price)

Made in a limited edition of just 26 pieces, the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 London Edition with a racing green dial commemorates the opening of Jaeger-LeCoultre London boutique.

Jaeger-LeCoultre inaugurated its boutique on Old Bond Street not too long ago, accompanied with the introduction of the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1931 London Edition. It features a dial lacquered in British racing green with silvered hour indices, a combination similar to that found in the Reverso Rouge.